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Counselling & Career Guidance

Counselling Career Guidance

Comprehensive counselling to participants to motivate better understanding and strengthening bonds within household. Counsel for participants on learning

Educational & Medical Guidance

Educational Medical Guidance

Information about various educational institutions with course details. Information on educational scholarship providers & Government aids.

Library & Interfaith Forum

Library  Interfaith Forum

Enlighten and enrich knowledge about Islam. Showcase for Islamic literature. Selling point of various informative books. Enrich the sense of brotherhood

Introduction of Our Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centreacts as a comprehensive guidance and a counselling Centrethat furnish informationabout educational institutions, Government scholarship schemes and to conduct career guidanceprograms. The Centre will also provide details regarding medical queries, facilities available and the specialties given as per the Government aids.This counselling Centrehelpschildren who have learning disabilities,as a stress management for adults and for other ailments.

Knowledge Centre serves as an epicenter that eases the understanding of different faiths and an information center as well, clarifying queries pertaining to Islam.
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